Botox for TMJ and Esthetics


Transforming TMJ Treatment

Here at Pryor Family Dental, we are changing countless lives with our state-of-the-art TMJ treatments. Dr. Pryor has now incorporated Botox into his TMJ treatment methods, and she has seen great success with her patients. These treatments have made a huge difference for those who suffer from chronic jaw pain and have struggled to find relief. If you’re suffering from the pains and headaches of TMJ disorder, our Botox treatment can provide you with lasting comfort.



Botox injections take only a few moments to complete, but the relief lasts for months. Dr. Pryor can inject the affected muscles to relax each sore muscle completely. In addition to eliminating your pain, Botox can improve your appearance by decreasing wrinkles and slimming the jaw line. After three months, you may want to return for another Botox treatment. After 2-3 visits, many patients find permanent relief and do not need further treatment.

Are you ready to fight against your TMJ disorder? You can discover ultimate comfort and an enhanced appearance with Botox. Give us a call at Pryor Family Dental today to begin finding relief from the symptoms of TMJ.